November 01, 2010

Managing your time

NaNoWriMo has just started, I've already written 295 words in 5 minutes after midnight, in English (which is not my native language), I'll probably skim through it, because it looks rather ungainly and 295 not such an amount that I can lose precious time because of it.

While were're at it, TIME. Not only my NaNo Novel includes time-travelling, but I think I may need that little handy hourglass-thing Hermione has (but doesn't every Wrimo?). I have to figure out how to prepare for next day's word-test at University and do my homework for Tuesday, and I need to read a few-hundred pages long book before Wednesday morning.
Oh, and write for my NaNo. Why are there only 24 hrs a day? And it's only day 1! (And only 11AM...)

Hope you're doing better and don't stress yourself over every little thing as I do. How was/is your first day in this year's NaNoLand?

PS.: The word-count widgets are active! Shiny~~!

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