October 30, 2010

Preparing for NaNoWriMo

Only a little more than a day and it starts! I'm really excited, eager to write which is a great feeling! Writing is easier when one's enthusiastic, right?
Right. Still need to figure some things out before it begins. But I would love to write instead of smoothing out the details. I've just finished the outline yesterday evening. I was glad I can finally see exactly where I wanted the story to go and how to prevent time's material from fracturing further, when who decided to join? After I mentally finished my story? Another character! It's so frustrating, because now I have to edit the 2/3 of the outline so she would fit into the storyline. However, I can see how she would propel some events and she also has a big role in the romantic thread of the story.
Ah, the romantic thread. I hope I'll be okay with it this year, because I'm afraid that in my last NaNo, it only existed in my imagination, but not in my actual storytelling. Maybe I should re-read some of my old works.

I used a new method (for me) this year while collecting my ideas for my novel. My mp3 player broke, but I can still use the dictaphone mode. So I made notes on that and later, listened to my own voice (ugh) and it took a few afternoons and evenings, but I finally managed to get everything typed into my computer. The best thing is, my notes on the dictaphone are in Hungarian, while I was writing them down in English. A warm-up for my NaNo this year, because I'm writing it in English!
The point is, I love that it captures more of my ideas and I can think paralelly not only on 2 or 3 threads, but on one more and I won't forget it, because I only need to listen to it once more, after I wrote down my other idea(s). So it may take more time, but I think it's perfect for being more creative and for a brainstorming session, of course.

What methods do you use while outlining? How are you preparing for NaNoWriMo? Are you as excited to begin as I am?


Heather said...

This year I'm using a random, free form kind of outline. Before I've tried to use more structured ones and they didn't help so much. I read...somewhere, can't recall now...after NaNo last year, that a longer, more prose-like outline sometimes lets you have those discoveries you get while writing the actual scenes, so you're outline is truer to form. We'll see. I'm amazed you can make notes in one language and write in another. You're the next Conrad!
All the best! And pop into a salon if you have a chance!

Tika said...

I like writing the outline in prose-like, that's how I wrote this one, too.
Structured is only okay if there're really too much information (at least for me) and even then, I tend to use both. There might be something in what you read; I believe it feels more free if you write in prose-form :)

Haha, thanks :D

About the salon: all times are in EST, right? Have to do the math :D

Good luck with your NaNoNovel!


Yukami said...

Hi Tika, Yuka here :)
I am using mental plot outline - that is, I don't write down anything, I just plan in my head. Somehow it is successful for me, but I have write down certain dialogues or phrases that I would forget otherwise...
And I find your dictaphone method really interesting - but I'm just wondering, when do you actually record your own words? Nice ideas might attack you on the bus or something, do you use the dictaphone that time, too? I am really curious :D
Well, good luch with your novel, I read its synopsis and it sounds really good! :)

Tika said...

Hey, Yuka! :)

Phew, 'mental plot outline' doesn't really work for me, because I would forget what I planned. I need to back-up my infos :D
I recorded it when an idea suddenly hit me. Since last week was autumn break for me, I was usually at home, so it wasn't a problem. Though I did wonder what would happen if I were to have a sudden inspiration while travelling on the bus or underground! Would I get off, say my piece, then wait for the next ride? :o Or would I risk it to look crazy and sadoist (well, every write is that) in public?
Though question, but to be completely sure, I carry a little notebook (I mean, paper-based) and pen/pencil with myself all the time - especially when around this time of the year :)
We'll see :D

Thank you, I'm glad you like it :) Good luck with your novel, too! ;)