April 15, 2012

ROW 80 R2 #3

I almost did a check-in on Thursday (I have no idea what's with this lateness this week), but in the end, decided against it. Last week, I declared Thursday as my day-off. Even if I want to write something, I just find something else to do (watch movie, read book, etc.), because I need some break, to recharge my energy and/or writing skills, etc. And Thursday is literally the middle of the week and I remember when I was attending Uni and one semester, I had a day-off Wednesday. It was the greatest thing!

Ahem. Anyway. I wrote a lot on Monday (1794 words!), then: Tuesday - 1089 words + 1094 to another project (of course there was a couple of hours break between them; it helps you write more if you don't write it in one sit when you're struggling), Wednesday - 1153, Friday - 1320 AND I only needed a little less than 700 words for Saturday and would be done with the week. So I wrote 690 words and mentally ended the week. Whew!
In the evening, though, I wrote some more to another project: 1332 words. The thing is, this was to be a short story (I've started it about 2 years ago), and I reached the scenes so close to the finish according to plan, but - as you might've guessed - it didn't go according to plan.
And I was a little agonized yesterday about it, because I wanted to stop here, but I knew the story went beyond, I knew it 2 years ago, but wanted to stop it here, at this place, so it would be an open end and the reader can decide, wonder... But as it turned out now, it would end very abruptly. Thankfully, by talking about it with one of my friends, helped, because I found a solution: I will write more of the story! Maybe it would become a novella and that's alright, too. Because I don't write it for a competition anymore, so I can write more and tell the story in full. I still need to come up with some details, but so far, I think I needed the permission myself to write more of the story if the story wants me to. Not to restrict myself.
Short stories are really not my forte - usually, I think in novel-lenght ideas.

Anyway, today came. And I was like 'Ohoho, I'm already done with this week's amount of words! I don't need to write more!' Plus, I even ended somewhere strange yesterday, because I didn't write as much as I usually do (ahem, I mean, in round 2).
But the more I thought about it... Thursday was my day off. And my goal said: 'at least 6000 words per week', which means if I write more, then I'll write more. And the thing is, I wanted to write some more! And to make a habit. To make a long story short, I wrote 1129 words, so it's 7175 words for this project for this week. Which means, I'm over 31k now! Yay! I'm very satisfied, plus I even advanced with 2 other projects this week! Better to write now while I still have time for it (such is the life of the job-hunter). It'd be a waste not to and I know I would regret it later.

Hope you had a good week and you reached your goals, as well!

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