April 04, 2012

ROW80 R2 #1 & Goals

Weee! A Wednesday check-in! Quite rare from me, isn't it?
Ahem. Let's state my goals for this round. Even though it half-worked in round 1, now it's already spring and I have more energy. Also, I have goals (and self-proclaimed deadlines) beyond ROW80, so I thought I must pick up my pace a little.

The details are... flexible. Originally, I wanted to write 2 pages per day. Every day. But I realized that might be too much of a jump after my performance in round 1. So I opted for 6 or 5 days per week.
Then I calculated some and arrived at the decision that I wanted to have 6000 new words per week for this novel I've started in January.
Concluding the first 3 days of the first week of round 2, I've reached a compromise with myself: my aim is 6000 words per week for this novel. If I can write 2 pages per day, that's quite great, but there might be a day when I write less, so there will probably be days when I write more. The average is 2 pages (which is around 1000-1100 words, I guess), but it can be amended.

Also, I have some other projects (loads of them) and while I'm certainly grateful for NaNoWriMo, I realized it made me learn to concentrate on one project at a time. Which is really not my style, since I tend to jump around from here to there. So, I'll try to get some writing done on those 'currently work in progress for years' projects, after I've written my daily dose for this new novel. And I don't start on another novel, until I've finished this one.
I hope this method works and lets me to get back my skill on concentrating on more than one projects at once. This first half of the week was deemed successful in this aspect, as well.

583 words on Monday, 1025 words on Tuesday, plus 727 words for another project, and today I've stopped with 1157 words. AND I've crossed the 20k line. Which is not much, but if I keep up the good pace I set in the beginning of this week *knocks on wood thrice*, then I can write more and come up with a respectable wordcount at the end of R2.

Well, I'm curious.

Good luck, everyone!!!


Kat Morrisey said...

Yay for crossing the 20K mark!!! :) I love your plan about working on other projects only after getting your in for the current one. I might have to incorporate something like that into my plan because I also tend to skip around (which for me just results in 3/4 of the way done WiPs lol) Great job on those word counts--and good luck the rest of the week!

Tika said...

Thank you! :)
I hope you can find a way to deal with more than 1 project at once and you'll finish them. I'm familiar with those 3/4-way written WIPs, too :')
Good luck for you, too! And thank you for the comment!

Barbara McDowell said...

Tika, I like your focus of getting the writing done via page goals. I also tweaked my goals from the last round to focus more on time writing each day versus word count. The word count focus had me watching that more than losing myself in what I was writing. Good luck moving forward!

Tika said...

Here we usually think in pages, not wordcounts and I find that focusing on pages is really easier. Alright, I still check my wordcount, but then remember that it's pointless. At the end of the day I usually surprise myself how much I've written when I check the wordcount at the very end.

Thank you for your comment and good luck to you, too, Barbara! I hope the page count works for you, as well! :)