November 05, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day #3-4-5

I haven't written anything on the 3rd, but I blame it on the gloomy wheather and also, (un)fortunately, I found a new manga series interesting... Which is somewhat surprising, because I usually only do that when I have exams (yes, procastination has NO limits).

On the 4th, I wrote appr. 2365 words. Wow, this sounds so much! I only remember reading that manga, then before I knew it, I had only 1 hour before going to class (creative writing!) and decided to write till I need to get going and did just that. Then, after class, I had a chat with one of my classmates, with hot chocolate and even managed to convince her to sign up for NaNoWriMo! And she did! I told her I finished it on the 26th last year, so it's not too late to join us in NaNoLand. I'm so proud of her!
After I got home, I wrote some more. But it still didn't seem this much :o I'm glad, though.

Today, I wrote appr. 2500 words, so I'm at 9622 words so far. I wanted to reach 10k today, but... certain things got in the way, only half an hour ago. So my day went like this: read the manga (finally caught up with the freshest chapters!), then wrote, then I had to turn off the computer and only got back to writing around... hmm... 7 PM? And been writing since then.
I'm at a scene where I need some idea to think about how exactly should I reach the next plot point, without any plot holes to disappear into o.O So I figured I'd browse the internet for awhile, maybe I get some inspiration, then be done with it. Only, I managed to remember a thing I wanted to check for a couple of days now and always forgot before tonight.
It's the public plan for the new law of higher education (no worries, my English speaking friends, I am speaking of Hungary now - as for my Hungarian friends, feel free to worry, please). I only got to read the intro, but by the time I reached the end of it (it's not long, only 1/4 page) I was so angry, and frustrated and feeling helpless that I knew this was a bad idea before reaching my goal for today. Ugh. I would rant about it, but since I don't like complaining, let's just say that I was overwhelmed by a strong need to get out of here. I mean, out of Hungary. And again. I don't think I can count on my fingers how many times I felt this in the last few years, but it was certainly a lower number than the ones I've felt after the election this spring. It's... suffocating.

But, on to calmer waters: I decided I want to reach at least 12k tomorrow! So now I only need to figure out how to get Odette from one place to another. I have a faint idea, but I still need to see if I can imagine it - I mean, if it's really possible and not a deus ex machina move - you know what I mean.

Wish you at least 1667 words today!


csillagpor said...

9622 words? Wow, you totally rule. :D

I'm failing so far. XD

Well, our new government sucks (not that the previous one didn't, but I thought it can't get much worse than that. I was wrong.) And that new law... well, I'm just too angry to talk about it really.
You know I've been thinking the same. As soon as I get my degree I'm sooo out of here.

And yeah, I basically can't write because I'm too angry about these things. :S (And the occasional fanfiction reading doesn't really help my productivity, either. :D)

I'm sure you'll make the 12k tomorrow! ;) And good luck with the figuring things out. :D

Tika said...

I think you can catch up with the wordcounts. If you have only 30 mins, or just 15, sit down and write. And you'll be surprised how many words you can get out :)

Yeah, well, I didn't have much hope, because I still remember the mess they did when they were in power previously.
Anyway, yes, I'm out of here, too, the thing is, I' m such a hopeless girl, I want to get an MA degree, too. If I stay at home, then there's this risk of being... suffocated, if I go abroad to finish my studies, well, then I'd have to be rich. So either win the lottery or get on with my bestsellers already!

Anyway, thanks for you good wishes, I'm crossing my fingers for you to continue! I found last year that it helps if you have some outline, because when you're stuck, you just glance at it and it usually helps. Or the NaNoWriMo forums ;)
About fan fictions... maybe you should bargain with yourself. Like... for every thousand word, I'll read a chapter of a fanfic. Then back to writing. Then, before you know it, you're already done with your words for the day! Yay!
I'm sure you can do it ;)

csillagpor said...

I hope I can. :)

Yeah, I wanted an MA first too (and yeah, maybe a PhD, I have some serious delusions of grandeur :D). But I'm just not sure I can stay here for that long. It's getting worse and worse day by day. :S
You totally should, get on with your bestsellers already, I mean! :D

Oh, I can't work with an outline. Or my outline is in my head, it's just difficult sometimes to translate it into words. :D And the urge to edit, edit and edit all the time is kinda overwhelming. XD But I'm trying. :)
Oh, that's a really good advice, thank you! I'll try that. :)

Tika said...

I had the same thought about doing a PhD, but then realized that I want to have a writing carrier more than a scholar-like carrier :) With PhD, it would be undoubtedly difficult, but what is MA, anyway?
So, bestsellers, yes ;)

Hm, then you must have a very good memory :D But I often feel it helps when I note down things or just talk about them. Even if you don't find somebody, there's the dictaphone (or microphone) ;)
About editing: I allow myself to edit in November, but only little things and only after I'm done with my word-goal for that day. If there need to be a major edit or I discovered a plothole or something, then I just insert a # mark there. When I am done with November, I can go back and solve the problem. And I won't forget what do to, because I don't write # anywhere else in the text :D
And this helps calming down my inner-editor :) Bargaining, as I said :D
Hehe, only a writer could do that: bargain with herself :D

csillagpor said...

Well, I want to have a writing carrier more, too. I'm just afraid it won't work out, you know.

I tried that before, taking notes and stuff, but I either didn't even use them, or they were so vague I didn't know why the hell I wrote them in the first place, so I'm working with my mind notes since then. :D
I'm highlighting those parts, or write in different colors (which makes my writing look kinda rainbow-like, but well... :D).
Huh, I always have a hard time bargaining with myself. I hardly listen to myself (or anyone else, really XD). I really should excercise some self-discipline. :D

And hey, have fun writing today! :)

Tika said...

We'll just have to fight down that fear, you know ;)

Rainbow-like writing! Wow, I like the idea! :D

Hope you got some words down ;)