November 08, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day #6-7 A. K. A. 1st weekend

On Saturday, I went to the hairdresser, so I can write my NaNoWriMo looking great.* While there, I read the book I had to for my class on Wednesday. I threw it on the seat next to me after I reached about 30 pages. Yes, it was that bad.
After I got home, I wrote. Then watched a few episodes. Then did this and that and went to the chatroom of our region. Several of my fellow Hungarian Wrimos were participating a weekend-long ww marathon! It was like: 20 mins ww, 10 mins break, 20 mins www, 10 mins break, and so on. I got distracted when I searched the dictionary and eventually gave up participating. I was counting the minutes in the end.
Then realized I wanted to reach 12k by the end of the day and I was getting nowhere. So I logged off the chat and refreshened myself (washing face in cold water, running and skipping around the apartment thrice) and bargained with myself (I wouldn't get to eat dinner, go to the bathroom or watch another episode till I reach 12k) AND began writing again.
And I finally reached 12k (appr. 12,5k)! I was so glad! Then I went back to the chat to cheer the others and make use of my stopwatch, again. I was up till midnight, ready to nod off, but stayed with the others for the last ww for the day :) By the end of the day, I wrote about 2900 words. Woo-hoo!

On Sunday, I wrote little during the day. Then, in the afternoon, I decided to finish that... book. I did it. But I swear it's an energy-vampire, because I was so drained after finishing it, that I didn't even have the strenght to do anything, anymore. I watched two episodes, hoping they would lift my spirits.
They did and I got down to bussiness (A. K. A. writing) in the night. I wanted to reach 15k. As you can see it on the left side, I managed to do it. No matter the cleaning or anything, I managed to get down a little more than 15k words half past 11 PM.
And that's when I remembered that I had to get up early next day! Ugh. I'm still in one piece (almost wrote that starting with capital letters o.O), though I only managed about 300 words so far. But it's still early, right? Even if the sky is already dark and I'm yawning, again. My goal for the day? 17k. 18k would be better, but I don't think I can manage it. 17,5k at the best. But we'll see.

Wish you a few thousand words today!!!

*No, this wasn't the reason, but eventually, it worked out this way, too.

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