January 08, 2012

ROW 80 - R1 #1

This is my first ROW80 check-in. So I'm sorry in advance if this will be awkward, I'm still familiarizing myself with the whole thing.
And as I said, I'll probably do 1 check-in per week.

My goal was to write at least 500 words for 4 days per week - ticked. I wrote almost 2,5k in 4 days. I didn't write from Wednesday to Friday, because I caught the cold. These words all go to fiction; I've started a new novel on 2nd January.
And this also marks the end of the first chapter!

As for my other goal, it was to revise a chapter of my 2010 NaNovel. Because of my cold, it all came down to Sunday, after I've written my at-least-500-words for today. And I was like 'Ooow, don't wanna! I have fun with the new story!' because I knew it needs so much work. But to start with failure? Nah...
In the end, I opened the document and tried to find where I was the last time I revised (because it was in September...). Chapter 8 didn't have a title and the beginning of chapter 9 had many blank paragraphs, meaning that was where I most likely stopped in September.
I re-read chapter 8 to give a title and found myself laughing at some parts. And realized that I still love this story very much! But it took a different turn from the first draft around chapter 6-8, so I would need to think on chapter 9 as much as I would need to think on my new story...
That said, I decided to leave it for next week. But at least I've found a title for chapter 8, fixed some awkward-sounding sentences and picked up the thread of the story, again. So, until next week, in between (or after?) writing my new novel, I can think on how to continue this old one.

I think I've started off well and because I aimed for a lower wordcount and not for everyday, the cold didn't disrupt me much (though I had to make a conscious effort to sit down and continue the story after I got better)...
Next week, I want to continue the new novel as I did this week and want to plan and write the new chapter 9 for my earlier story. If I can write more (than for 4 days) for the new one, then great, but it's not priority at this point. Haaaaah, why do you give me so many things to revise, earlier novel?!


Tia Bach said...

Great check in. Hope you are feeling back to normal, but the cold didn't seem to hold you back much. I have a daily writing goal, and I think I already need to re-think it. Life tends to need me to be flexible. ;-)

Looking forward to following your progress this round. Hope you have a great week!

Tika said...

Thank you! Yes, the cold didn't hold me back, because my goal isn't to write every day.
But I'm struggling this week (even though I am healthy now). Well, we still have a few days to write!

Hope you can find a daily (?) goal that is working for you.
Thank you for the comment.
Have a nice week!

Rhianna said...

Which experience do you like better - ROW80 or NaNoWriMo?

Tika said...

Phew... that's a though question.

I like ROW 80, because I can concentrate on quality (which means I'll have less revision to do), not just quantity. And it's a good way to build a writing habit IMHO.
And I can write in my own speed.

Whereas with NaNo, I can pay attention to quality in the beginning, but as the month goes on, I either write something (and disregard the quality), or I won't be able to reach 50k by the end of November.
BUT I like Nano, because I need to concentrate on one project for a long while (I tend to switch between projects around 30k) & by the end of it, I have an almost-done manuscript, AND since I don't need to worry about quality, I usually have some quite unique ideas in the second half. Which I probably wouldn't, if I were to write in my own (slower) pace.

To sum it up, Nano is great for a creative rush, but ROW 80 allows me to advance with my WIPs throughout the whole year, so I think the latter fits me better.
But I wouldn't give up on the adventure in November, either :D