January 15, 2012

Oh, it's Sunday! - ROW80 R1 #2

I almost forgot to do the check-in this week...
What I did accomplish: writing 4 days a week! Yay! Though only 3 days had I wrote more than 500 words. I don't know what it was with me on Wednesday (actually, I do, it was some boring stuff about wondering my place in the universe, how to get a job and things along that line and I was under the weather and struggling with everything, not just writing), I only wrote 285 words. And I was pretty tired, as well.
And I didn't manage to fix that 9th chapter in my 2010 NaNovel - again! I must make some serious planning regarding that chapter.
Which reminds me... today I added two scenes in chapter 1 in my newest novel. I might have to do some more planning on that part, as well.
Next week or the week after that would be all planning, I'm afraid. I hope I can get some writing done, but... well, we'll see...

But what I was successful with (outside of my ROW80 goals) this week:
1) I've talked with a friend almost every evening in English, so we could both practice speaking it. Sadly, I do not have much opportunities to speak English, so this was good :)
2) It seemed that the deep pondering I suffered from on Wednesday had some results in the end: I woke up with a brilliant (?) idea formed in my head on Friday. No, not a story idea, but an idea how to get a job (which I would hopefully enjoy). I must work on that before I can make a move, so that was the other thing I did from Friday to Sunday this week. I hope it works out. <knocks on wood thrice>

Well, I hope you had a productive week and wish your inspiration continues! Good night!


Tia Bach said...

Sounds like great progress. Writing consistently is so important. And I hope your brilliant idea comes to fruition.

Looking forward to following your progress through Round 1. Best of luck!

Gittabry said...

Megnyugodtam, hogy nem csak én felejtem el a check-ineket. És nem csak én vagyok fáradt... :))

(Hogy állsz az álláskereséssel? Van már valami eredmény? Hajrá! - minden fronton.)

Tika said...

@Tia: Thank you! I hope your Round 1 was fruitful!

@Gitta: Mint látod, január óta kimaradtam a check-inekkel. Remélem, Te jobban bírtad :)
Állást még mindig keresek. A "brilliáns" ötlet azzal kapcsolatos volt, de nem nagyon akar összejönni, úgyhogy most valami újat kell kitalálnom :/