October 26, 2012

Changing your mind

So, here we are... actually, it was on the 23rd when I changed my mind about what I write for this year's NaNoWriMo.

In my earlier post, I've told you that this time I would write a romcom, which is not a genre I usually write in, and I still like that novel idea, very, very much (though it might be a better script-idea), so I will write it sometime in the future, but now I'm going back to my original plan.

When I started in 2010, I thought it would be a one-book novel. But during November, I realised the story is going to stretch more. Then, over the weeks, months, years... I came to the conclusion that it might be a trilogy. I'm getting more sure every day, actually.
Anyway, when I won in 2010, I planned to continue and write the second book in my next English year*, which meant 2012. Right now. And since I have serious plans for this story, I think it's more efficient to write it now. And in the beginning of October, I've spent a lot of time on the first book and finally finished it (YAY!), so...
It's really close to me, too :) And it's fantasy :D

So, now I have 5 days (and 2 days till the Kick-off in my region!) to come up with an outline for it. Of course, I have some from 2010 (when I thought it would only be a one-book deal), but I need to think up details, because if I aim to 75k this year, then I won't really have time for it during November. I'm afraid I'd still need to do some research, but I'll try to keep it to the minimum and fix things later.

Dear, fellow Wrimos, have you ever changed your mind about what you're writing for NaNoWriMo the last minute? How did it go? :o

*For new readers (or old ones, for that matter, who don't remember, because I've posted about my NaNoWriMo habits so long ago, they forgot about it): every odd year, I write in my native language (Hungarian) and every even year, I write in English. Therefore, for my 4th NaNoWriMo, which is in 2012, I write in English :)


Emily Hornburg said...

I completely changed my mind a couple of years ago! I was going to do one of my fantasy stories, but then I got an idea for a story about a girl who went to a performing arts school. COMPLETE switch. But it turned out just fine. It was a different genre than I usually write about, but I loved it.

Tika said...

So, it was the other way around for you! I'm glad it turned out all right! :)

Now I have hope. (But I really need to get started on that outline, it's only 3 more days until NaNo begins!)

Thank you very much for your comment^^

Ruth Madison said...

This year when I couldn't decide, I settled on trying to do both! Definitely a ridiculous challenge, but it means I don't have to choose.

Tika said...

Wow! Good luck! Are you trying to write 50k words for each, or 50k all together to the both of them?
Either way, you CAN DO IT!!!
And that's right, you don't have to choose :D It's great!

(And thank you for the comment^^)

Anonymous said...

How long have you studied English? I'm trying to learn Hungarian (well, relearn, but it's a long story) and I'm kind of curious how long it would take for me to get good enough to write a whole novel in Hungarian. Anyway, I'm impressed by anyone who can write a novel in a language other than their mother tongue. Very cool.


Tika said...

Wow, thank you, Jean!

I've started learning English in kindergarten. I had a few years struggling with it during school, but then... BOOM! After my intermediate exam and reading a book in English (HP5, no less!), it suddenly became much easier!

Hungarian is a bit harder in some aspects, but easier in others.
My advice would be for you to read in Hungarian. It doesn't matter what; it can be an article that interests you. A blog post. A short story. A full-length novel or some poems. There are e-books in Hungarian. (On bookline.hu and there are some free (e)books on mek.oszk.hu - some even have the English version if the book was translated.) Whatever you like. But try to read something, however short, every day.

Watch movies with Hungarian dub if you can (I guess it is hard to find DVDs with Hungarian audio outside Hungary, but you can find some videos on youtube and vimeo and some video reports on news sites).

These are the two things which help me a lot in improving my English. You can also try to write some shorter things in Hungarian for a start. An e-mail, a blog post...

If you're struggling with something related to Hungarian language, feel free to drop me a message :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your advice, Tika. Hopefully now that I'm done with NaNoWriMo, I'll be able to follow it. ;) For me it's funny with Hungarian because I know lots of words from when I lived there, but it can really be a struggle for me to put sentences together and to read things. But I think the advice to read a lot is good, and I do sometimes watch Hungarian shows on TV. I may have to take you up on your offer of help though. It's not easy. Thank you again.